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Gobuyhub is a sourcing agent that helps Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (Small Businesses) to purchase and ship products from Chinese online stores such as 1688.com, aliexpress.com, Taobao.com e.t.c and other suppliers. Other services include RFQ & Private Labeling, China - Nigeria cargo and advertising and distribution of products and services between overseas companies and Nigerian suppliers/distributors

What We Do

Sourcing agent

We operate a b2b service helping Small Businesses to purchase goods in bulk from wholesale Chinese online stores. In this way we support your dropshipping business

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RFQ & Private Labeling

We help businesses take their ideas from design phase to mass production

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Advertising and Distribution

We help foreign brands gain visibility to the Nigerian market. Our classified ads platform connects businesses with potential distributors and networks in the local market

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private labelling

Private Labeling

We assist Small Businesses and Startups to make their ideas from design stage to mass production by offering a complete packaging solution to personalize your products and build your brand quality so you can set relative prices and make higher profits. We are familiar with a wide range of manufacturers for all kinds of products. We will always ensure you get the most competitive price and best quality products

We produce items (such as bags, shoes, made to wear fashion, key rings e.t.c). Send a request today

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Through our classified ads service, Gobuyhub helps foreign brands gain visibility to Nigerian consumers, Our users are verified and the information is easy to find. We have created a platform where Chinese suppliers and Nigerian buyers can connect seamlessly to share business requests and find others who can fulfill their needs.

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We are partnered with major distribution companies, channels and wholesalers to help companies distribute their products across Nigeria's 180,000,000 people market

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